Carry your 37signals Backpack in your pocket

Backpocket is the handiest Backpack client for the iPhone.

Easily access your Backpack account to create and edit pages, notes and lists on the go with a simple, consistent and intuitive interface.

  • Access and use your Backpack account anywhere
  • Manage multiple Backpack accounts
  • Work offline and sync your changes later
  • Focus on the features you use most while on the go
  • Put all your important todo list items from different lists and pages in one Superlist
  • Email a list, note or page to a friend

Backpocket requires a 37signals Backpack account to work, and works with both free and paid Backpack accounts. You can get a free Backpack account at

Backpack is a way to better organise your business. Store, share, discuss and archive everything that's essential for you and your team in pages using notes, to-dos, files, photos and dividers. (From 37signals' website)

New in version 1.2: Introducing, the Superlist!

Ever find yourself referring to and checking off items on different lists from different pages all the time? Is switching pages and lists becoming a chore?

Use the Superlist to put all "starred" list items from different lists and pages into a single list so that you can see and update all your important, immediate or "do today" list items in one place.

Tap the star in the bottom toolbar to get to your Superlist. Add a todo item to the Superlist by tapping the star next to it. Add or remove an entire list to the Superlist by tapping and holding any star in the list. Remove a todo item from the Superlist by tapping the star or checking off the item normally from the Superlist.

This feature isn't available on 37signals' Backpack, but we built it into our app anyway because it's something we really wanted to have on top of 37signals' already awesome web app. We're sharing it with you and we hope you find it useful too.

Superlist - Superconvenient!

What our customers have said about Backpocket

"This is really great. I already like Backpocket better than the other Backpack apps out there."
"I like your GUI and the simplicity of your interface a lot more than Satchel's."
"Less features, but that's a good thing; fast and simple, get in and get out."
"Simple, effective access to Backpack."
"Great app, the offline functionality is nice."

Mobrick is not associated with 37signals except that we're huge fans and use their products every day!